We offer a huge range of PVCu cladding systems. PVCu systems include:
• Traditional shiplap 100mm & 150mm • Feather Edge 125mm • T&G 125mm • Hollow 100mm & 300mm
• Open 'V' cladding 100mm & 150mm

These products can be installed as traditional wall claddings (vertically, horizontally and diagonally) as well as soffits (an alternative to the flat, one piece soffit). As well as traditional white, a variety of finishes are offered in woodgrain, light oak, black and woodgrain effect double cladded board.

Claddings are also ideal as an alternative to softwood claddings used on the cheeks and apex of dormer windows and as ceilings to large open porches. Please ask us to assist in finding a solution to your maintenance free requirement

Cladding Cladding Cladding Cladding Cladding

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